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Friday, June 30, 2006

***** Of Dreams and Magic by Dallas Schulze. Contemporary paranormal romance.

my thoughts:

I'd read this before--in the anthology pictured here. But Dallas said it had been abridged a bit for the anthology, so when I found a copy of the original, I snapped it up. I've got a new scanner I haven't had a chance to figure out yet, or I'd have the correct picture.

It's been too long since I'd read the anthology, so I can't say what was cut from it. I can say, though, that this is a very fun, very sweet story. The heroine's a genie, and the hero's a banker who doesn't realize how unhappy he is. There are some sad parts, some sweet parts, and some completely laugh-out-loud parts--one involving a dancing fish. (you had to be there)

It's written with Dallas's trademark wit and sympathy, as well as with her habit of going right up to the edge of the cliche then taking a detour around it.

I'd recommend anything Dallas has written for an absorbing, feel-good read.

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