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Thursday, June 15, 2006

**** Mairelon the Magician by Patricia C. Wrede. Fantasy, young-adult.

It was no Enchanted Forest Chronicles, but it was a fun story, nonetheless. 17-year-old Kim, a girl disguised as a boy, is a thief in Regency England, until she gets caught burgling an actual magician's wagon. But instead of being arrested or turned into a frog, Mairelon the Magician invites her to become his apprentice.

What follows is a madcap adventure, reminiscent of, say,
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, with several different parties, each with their own motivation, racing to be the first to collect the Saltash Platter and put together an entire set of magical artifacts. It's heavily flavored with 1800s English street cant, but it's easy enough to figure out once you've been reading for a while.

I've put the sequel on my list. Maybe I'll be able to talk my youngest into trying these, now that he's suddenly rediscovered reading.


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