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Monday, October 03, 2005

February 2005 Books

Here are the books I read in February:
  1. **** Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye_ by Victoria Laurie. 1st in a new mystery series featuring a psychic. Lots of fun, & a nice romantic interest for Our Heroine.
  2. *** A Grand Deception_ by Elizabeth Mansfield.
  3. **** A Wedding to Die For_ by Leann Sweeney.
  4. ***** Siren_ by Cheryl Sawyer.
  5. ** The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle_ by JoAnna Carl.
  6. This one would have gotten 3 stars, except that the heroine's verbal blunders made absolutely no sense, and were very annoying.
  7. **** Wait until Midnight_ by Amanda Quick.
  8. *** Dress Rehearsal_ by Jennifer O'Connell.
  9. *** The Sandalwood Princess_ by Loretta Chase.
  10. *** Knaves' Wager_ by Loretta Chase.
  11. ***** Nothing to Lose_ by Kathryn Shay.
  12. ***** My Sunshine_ by Catherine Anderson.
  13. I would never have believed I'd love a romance with a brain-damaged heroine. Never. But it's fabulous.
  14. **** The Duel_ by Barbara Metzger. A deaf dog. LMAO. She's such a hoot.
  15. **** Loyalty in Death _by J. D. Robb.
  16. ** Elizabeth's Rake_ by Emily Hendrickson.
  17. **** Cupid's Mistake_ by Karen Harbaugh.
  18. ** Help the Poor Struggler_ by Martha Grimes.
  19. **** Drop Dead Blonde_ by Nancy Martin, Elaine Viets, Denise Swanson, and Victoria Laurie.
  20. **** A Lady of Talent_ by Evelyn Richardson.
  21. **** The Love of a Lawman_ by Anna Jeffrey.
  22. **** If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend_ by Alison Pace.
  23. Nearly perfect Traditional Romance--kind of like how you remember those old Harlequins being, but better.
  24. ***** Daring to Dream_ by Nora Roberts.
  25. ** The Lady and the Cit_ by Blair Bancroft.
  26. **** Assault and Pepper_ by Tamar Myers.
  27. **** 'Til Morning Light_ by Ann Moore.
  28. This one surprised me. It's the third in a series. I loathed the first one, and didn't read the second one, but this one was really good--probably because it was the one with the romance in it. I feel so shallow.
  29. **** Vision in Blue_ by Nicole Byrd.
  30. ***** I Spy_ by Jacey Ford.
  31. **** A Most Unsuitable Man_ by Jo Beverley.
  32. **** In the Still of the Night_ by Jill Churchill.
  33. ***** Bloodlist_ by P. N. Elrod.
  34. ***½ Thief of Hearts_ by Patricia Gaffney.
  35. **** Touching Evil_ by Kay Hooper.
  36. ***** Uncertain Magic_ by Laura Kinsale.
  37. One of her earlier ones, but man, does she get to the heart of the characters' emotions. Reminded me a tad of Robin D. Owens's Heart Thief.

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