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Thursday, January 15, 2009

TT #120

Books for Kids

I know this is a difficult time of year for fundraising, but even $5 adds up. Because I'm all about the books, these are some teachers requesting books for their students.

  1. Reading Through the Grapevine. Novels for learning-disabled middle school students in Chicago.

  2. Fluency Is the Key to Reading. The Sign of the Beaver, Because of Winn-Dixie, My Brother Sam is Dead and Bridge to Terabithia for 3rd & 4th grade ESL students in New York.

  3. Inspiring Change Through the Adventures of Reading. Novels for 6th-grade students in Chicago.

  4. Rich Readers: Helping Us Cash In on Our Reading Success. Assorted novels for a classroom library to arouse the interest of ESL and learning-disabled 8th grade students in New York.

  5. Learning to Love Literature. Runaway Ralph and Weekly Reader for 4th grade students in Connecticut.

  6. Make a Difference in Our Reading Lives! 29 novels such as Battle for the Castle by Elizabeth Winthrop that vary in genre and include sophisticated literary content for 6th grade students in Chicago.

  7. Students Seek Breathtaking Books. literary titles, including multiple books from popular series such as "Chronicles of Narnia", "Harry Potter", "The Bone Series" and the "Goosebumps Series" for 7th & 8th grade students in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

  8. Bananas 'Bout Books. 50 books, including a number of biographies and high interest fiction by such authors as Walter Dean Myers, Sharon M. Draper and Paul Langan for 8th grade students in Louisiana.
Since I first made this challenge, 5 proposals have been completely funded, so here are five additional requests from teachers for books for their students:
  1. The Magic Song in Literacy. 26 copies of "Mary Wore Her Red Dress", adapted by Merle Peek for 1st grade ESL students in Oregon.

  2. Read to Them...and They Will Learn! 13 texts including Good Dog, Carl and Every Living Thing for 5th grade students in Auburn, Maine.

  3. Little Group in the Big Classroom. CD read-along kits of Little House in the Big Woods and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing for 3rd grade students in La Vergne, Tennessee.

  4. Help Me, Harry Potter! 25 copies of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as well as one audio version for 6th grade students in San Jose, California.

  5. Integrating Math and Reading. Lemonade for Sale, Pete's a Pizza and A Chair for My Mother for 1st grade students in Georgia.
All these requests are from teachers in high-poverty schools. It was really hard to pick just 13. Check them out. The challenge is in my sidebar, so you can donate at any time.

*note: ESL = English as a Second Language

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Wow, I can imagine it was hard to pick just 13. It's so important to get kids and young adults to (keep on) reading.
Thanks for visiting my TT! :)
Great list idea! And I agree that it is very important to get children reading young :) Happy TT my friend and thank you for stopping by!
I agree, it's so important to cultivate the reading habit in young children! I haven't heard of any of these books, but I think I would've loved to have them in my classrooms when I was a kid! Happy T13!
Except for the Harry Potter and Narnia books, I mean...
I don't happen to have the books they are looking for laying around. I can see why they want them. I have trouble coming up with books to tempt my middle-school aged kids. If it weren't for the library...
I used "Mary Wore a Red Dress," this summer when I was teaching English too.
What a nice list idea. Books are treasures. Thanks for visiting my site.
Lots of book themes today. Me, I'm just reading People magazine right now!
Excellent list and ideas.
This is such a great list idea. I wish I had the cash to spare to send to some of those, there are a few in particular that are using books I loved as a kid.
Nice idea for a list. It is so important for kids to read. Bless you for helping to make the books available to more kids.
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