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Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Flashback

From June 2002:

Heart of a Hunter by Betty Davidson. Historical romance.

A little aside here. I never liked history in school. It was always a matter of memorizing names & dates, and was usually taught by someone who took the job teaching history so they could coach the boys' football team or the girls' softball team on the side. (I went to a small school.) So it amazes me that so many authors not only enjoy history, but love it enough to pass that enthusiam on in the form of well-researched historical novels. I have to say, as a group, you've made me more interested in history than any of my teachers ever did. Take this period in English history---late 1400s, Lancaster-York war. I'd never heard of it before I read about it in another romance novel.

Lynette was a strong, independent heroine. Unfortunately for her, she was born in a century when independence wasn't a trait encouraged in women, so it made her a liability. You could see where she got it from, though, in the first chapter, when her mother coerced the dying earl into signing the betrothal agreement between his son & Lynette.

I was a little surprised at the beginning, when Lynette was eloping with Malcolm, until I realized she wasn't really in love with him.

When we first meet Devon, it's obvious the two are meant for each other---he thinks he's too rough & that he'd frighten a young woman, & she's refusing to marry a London peacock.

I loved the scene where he found her in the woods. Both of them refusing to tell the other who they really were, but starting to fall in love with each other anyway. It made me that he kept leading them around in circles, and again when they arrived at Seward Hall & it takes her a while still to realize who he is.

I was pleasantly surprised when Devon didn't punish her again when she'd been drugged & abducted. I'd expected him not to believe her, especially when Fox said she'd run off on her own.

I suspected Alice of being the betrayer in the household until then---the poor girl's only crime was being a lonely teenager. I feel bad for doubting her. I knew leaving Fox alive was a mistake---but maybe I'm a bit bloodthirsty.
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