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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Irish Girls About Town

*** Irish Girls About Town. Chick lit.

I'm not sure if my problems with this anthology are due to cultural styles--if Irish stories are typically like this--or if it's just short stories in general, which I tend to dislike. Far too many of the stories were just slices of life with no point to them, and, worse, none of the characters grew, changed, or learned anything. Without plot or character development, there really wasn't anything to like.

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It's funny that you read an anthology when you don't really go for short stories. But one of the things about you that I find so amazing is the breadth of the genres you read.
I was pretty underwhelmed by this one too! I only read it because I was glomming Marian Keyes, and then I discovered that I had already read the story that was in the book anyway!
Julia, yeah, I don't generally like short stories, but I do like expanding my horizons.

Marg, that's nice to know--the reviews on Amazon were almost uniformly positive, so I was wondering what I was missing.
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