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Thursday, January 17, 2008

TT #83

Favorite 13 15 Movies I Watched in 2007
in alphabetical order
click on the titles to read the reviews

Turns out there were 15 movies I watched last year that I rated 5 stars. So instead of leaving out two, I'm giving you all 15.

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Lots of great movies there! Our humans like Blazing Saddles, The Blues Brothers, Fiddler on the Roof, The Fugitive, and The Gods Must Be Crazy. :)
I loved The Gods Must Be Crazy! And I saw the Life of Brian when it first came out...LMAO! All out there on the big screen, hysterical!
Wow! Great TT list! I have only watched The Gods Must Be Crazy on your list.
That's fun list! I thought, when I read the title, that they would be new movies. It's nice that you are enjoying some of the "classics!" lol!

Happy TT!
I think The Gods Must Be Crazy is a very strange and interesting movie. It had a sequel that was just as weird.

Fiddler on the Roof. Man. I can't tell you how many times my siblings and I watched that as kids. We could sing along with all the songs (and parts) and quote all the lines.
I haven't seen God Must Be Crazy yet, but I love watching comedy :)

Let see I've seen all the The Bourne Identity except for the latest one (which you've seen already on my queues list) and I've seen Double Jeopardy (I love that one, The Fugitive was great.

I've seen the original Hairspray and love that one. But I love John so I will see the new version too. I notice some that you grade 5 stars are musical movies. And I love musical *grin*...I probably check them out.
Great TT!
Some of my favorites.

I did my favorite new releases.
Well finally a list of movies that I recognize the titles of. :)
A couple I've never heard of but I'm intrigued with...
will have to check them out.
I LOVE this list!
1 - Blazing Saddles - a huge fave of my husband's
2 - The Blues Brothers - one of my all-time favorites
3 - The Bourne Identity - really enjoyed it
4 - Cannibal the Musical - my husband's probably seen this one. He's a cult film connoisseur.
5 - Double Jeopardy - haven't seen this yet
6 - Fiddler on the Roof - an all-time fave!! We also used to sing to this album when we were kids.
7 - The Fugitive - loved it
8 - The Gods Must Be Crazy - haven't seen it yet
9 - Hairspray - saw the original. It's on my To Be Watched list.
10 - Life of Brian - all-time fave! Only gets funnier the more I watch it. And I've watched it a lot.
11 - Rocky Horror Picture Show - another all-time fave. Love that Sweet Transvestite. Susan Sarrandon, too.
12 - Shoot 'Em Up - really want to see this one
13 - Stardust - enjoyed it immensely. Love Neil Gaiman stuff.
14 - Without a Clue - haven't seen it yet
15 - Witness For The Prosecution - haven't seen it yet

Thanks for the list and the reviews.
I so forgot about The Gods Must Be Crazy, what a classic. I love Fiddler on the Roof too.

Have a great TT!
Great List! Makes me want to go rent them all again! :)
Some of my all time faves. You've got great taste!

Happy TT!
RHPS and Hairspray, I could watch those for days, that and Dreamgirls.

Happy TT

What fantastic movies, all of them. You've got great taste, Darla, and not just 'cause you're my bud. :D
I enjoyed a good many of those on the list and need to see a few more.

Thanks for coming by and for letting me know my list came off informative and non-judgmental. Having seen judgment and experienced it, I appreciate knowing my own words don't come off laced with it. :)

Next time I go to the library, I'm looking at books and movies!

I've not seen "Life of Brian" but do think Monty Python is funny.

Have a great day!
Great collection and there are a few I haven't seen yet!

Bourne Identity is definitely my favorite from these.
What an awesome collection! You have some good taste!!
Got some good ones...I loved The Life of Brian!
There are a few on there that i havent seen. Some real oldies. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by:)
You and I have very similar tastes in films. Happy TT.
I've seen them all, but I just saw Blazing Saddles for the first time this past year too.

Thanks for stopping by my Reverse Psychology edition.
I just simply adore #1 and #2! I even bought them on DVD recently. They just make me laugh.
"Let's look on the bright side of life..."
I love "Life of Brian" and "The Holy Grail".
Those are some awesome movies. I haven't seen Stardust yet. I'll have to check out your review.
Wow I haven't seen some of these in years. I loved The Gods Must Be Crazy. Thanks for visiting my T13.
Love The Bourne Identity and The Blues Brothers!
We have the same taste in movies - I LOVE Blazing Saddles, Life of Brian (and everything MP for that matter), The Gods Must Be Crazy, so many of the ones you list.
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